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WestVets Animal Hospital

WestVets Animal Hospital, a new veterinary clinic in West Lethbridge, sought to establish a strong brand identity, create an impactful digital presence, and attract clients in a competitive market. They partnered with Hybrid Creative to achieve these goals before their grand opening.

WestVets Animal Hospital Logo and Color Palette by Hybrid Creative
Card Design for WestVets by Hybrid Creative
Falling Business Card Design for WestVets by Hybrid Creative

/ Challenge

As a brand-new clinic, WestVets faced the challenge of building awareness, trust, and familiarity with potential clients in a highly competitive local veterinary market. They needed an opportunity to stand out from competitors and create a solid platform to showcase their compassion, values, commitment and expertise.

/ Execution

Hybrid Creative devised a comprehensive strategy to establish a strong brand identity, create an engaging online presence, and connect with the local pet-loving community. We developed a memorable logo and brand identity, designed a user-friendly website and implemented targeted digital marketing campaigns, including local SEO and Google Ads.

WestVets Professional Website Design by Hybrid Creative
WestVets Stationary and Corporate Identity Design by Hybrid Creative
Pattern of WestVets Submarks Designed by Hybrid Creative

/ Result & Impact

ROAS & Conversion:

Achieved a 4.6 Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and 25.93% Conversion Rate (CR), generating $4.60 in revenue for every ad dollar spent and 1 in 4 visitors taking a desired action.

Brand Growth:

Boosted brand awareness, resulting in a 22% monthly client growth rate in the initial months.

Web Traffic & Engagement:

Dramatically increased website visits, leading to a surge in online appointment bookings and heightened user interaction.

Market Positioning:

Established a robust foundation for WestVets, fortifying their presence in the competitive Lethbridge veterinary landscape.

WestVets Westside Clinic Exterior Signage Displaying Hybrid Creative's Logo Design


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