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Step + Stor

Logo design for Step + Stor by Hybrid Creative, Lethbridge

/ Overview

In 2019, Step + Stor (Step and Store), a company specializing in innovative storage solutions, partnered with us to increase customer awareness and education. Our collaboration led to the creation of their business name, a comprehensive brand identity including a logo and tagline, a responsive website, and marketing materials like business cards and flyers. Additionally, we developed tradeshow collateral, conducted product photography, and managed their social media presence, encompassing a full-spectrum brand and marketing strategy to position Step + Stor in the market effectively.

Services: Naming, Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Website Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Video Production and Photography, SEO, Print Marketing

Step and Stor Tradeshow Roll-up Banner Design by Hybrid Creative
Step + Stor Business Card Design
Step + Stor Product Mailout Design with Secondary Logo
2019 National Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Step + Stor Logo
Step + Stor Responsive Website Design by Hybrid Creative


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