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Okotoks Hearing Solutions

New Hearing Clinic Brand Identity and Logo Design in Okotoks by Hybrid Creative

/ Overview

Okotoks Hearing Solutions, based in Okotoks, Alberta, provides a comprehensive range of hearing services, including hearing aid sales and repairs, custom adjustments, noise reduction moulds, supplies, and on-site testing. It partnered with Hybrid Creative to develop a strong brand and digital presence as a new entrant in the auditory healthcare market. This collaboration focused on transforming its vision into a recognizable and meaningful local brand to establish a lasting connection with the community.

Services: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Website Design, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Video Production and Photography, SEO, Print Marketing

Professional Business Card Design for Okotoks Hearing Clinic by Hybrid Creative
Wireframing Process for Okotoks Hearing Solutions Logo Design

/ Challenge

Introducing a new clinic in a community with existing ties required a thoughtful approach to establish a distinct identity and earn trust. There was solid local competition, so a unique online and offline presence was crucial for our new client. Okotoks Hearing Solutions needed a comprehensive branding strategy and a thorough digital footprint to effectively reach and serve the local community.

/ Execution

The promotional strategy for Okotoks Hearing Solutions involved an initial analysis of its vision and market, creating a professional logo, business materials, and a responsive website. Direct mail flyers and a Facebook page were utilized to widen community reach, maintaining a consistent brand identity. On-site photography and videography sessions captured the clinic’s essence, enhancing online engagement. Additionally, a Google Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign was launched to improve online visibility and attract new customers, comprising a multifaceted approach to establish the clinic’s presence and foster connections within the community.

Responsive Website Design for Okotoks Hearing Solutions by Hybrid Creative

As an entrepreneur for a local clinic, I needed everything. Hybrid Creative Agency has worked with me to help my clinic run smoothly right from the start, with web design, business cards, and marketing campaigns. Their patience with a new start-up business and willing nature to navigate through growth and sudden changes have exceeded all my expectations. Their knowledge and expertise will keep your business momentum moving forward – they truly want to see you succeed.

Jonica Willett

Jonica Willett

Owner - Okotoks Hearing solutions

Direct Mail Marketing Flyer for Okotoks Hearing Solutions
okotoks hearing clinic business card design copy

/ Result and Impact

The integrated branding and digital marketing efforts notably enhanced Okotoks Hearing Solutions’ online presence within the local community. Targeted PPC campaigns successfully increased customer engagement and clinic visits. A blend of traditional and digital marketing methods improved visibility, fostered community connections, and contributed to steady customer base growth. As a result, Okotoks Hearing Solutions has become a recognized, trusted, and accessible hearing healthcare provider in Okotoks, demonstrating the impact of their comprehensive and passionate approach to marketing and patient care.

okotoks hearing clinic brand identity logo design copy


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