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Hartwood Craftsman

Hartwood Craftsman Logo Design by Hybrid Creative Lethbridge

/ Overview

Hartwood Craftsman is a premier, specialized woodworking business in Lethbridge, Alberta. We were approached to help solidify a brand identity that included a new logo, website, and print collateral such as business cards that reflected their passion and simplistic artistry. Our efforts helped to establish a professional presence in the community and attract new customers.

Services: Logo Design, Website Design, Graphic Design, Video Production and Photography, SEO

Hartwood Craftsman Brand Mood with Barn, Mountains, and Logo Tree by Hybrid Creative
Hartwood Craftsman Logo Burnt into Wood by Hybrid Creative
Responsive Web Design for Hartwood Craftsman by Hybrid Creative
Vintage Letterpress Style Circular Logo for Hartwood Craftsman by Hybrid Creative
Hartwood Craftsman White Logo on Coffee Mug Mockup by Hybrid Creative


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