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About us

Simply put, we are a team of creatives strategists, and brand rebels eager to help your business level up.

From captivating logos to engaging websites and targeted marketing solutions, we elevate your journey to success.

Your Business, Our Focus

Your brand is more than just a logo—it’s a story, a voice, a promise. It’s the lasting impression you leave, the experience you create, and the relationships you nurture.

Whether a startup business or an established corporation seeking reinvention, your brand’s authenticity and consistency are essential to your success.

Wherever you are in your brand journey, you are the hero in your story; we are your guide, catering to your unique superpowers. Learn about how Hybrid Creative can help guide you to that next level.

Where Creativity Meets Strategy

Founded in the heart of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada  (YQL) in the summer of 2012, we are a collective of seasoned creatives, award-winning designers, and digital ninjas.

Whether a local startups or global powerhouse brand, our passion and commitment to your success remains the same – fueled by a genuine, results-driven, no-B.S. transparent approach to every project.

If you aim for market dominance and an authentic brand presence and can handle our dad jokes, we are your people.

What We Bring to the Table

We don’t just create pretty logos or nice-looking websites – we utilize over 20+ years of industry expertise and award-winning creativity to develop captivating brands and cultures, transform online experiences into loyal customers, and create marketing strategies that entertain, educate and engage your target audience.

We pride ourselves on a No fluff. No empty promises. No hidden fees. No shady guarantees. No one-size-fits-all approach.

We reach the core of your vision and goals, understand your challenges, define your unique identity, and craft brand strategies and blueprints that solidify a lasting impact on your business, ensuring a clear and tailored roadmap to your success.

Where it Began. The Short Version.

Hybrid Creative was started by Jeremy Rickaby in his basement in Lethbridge, Alberta, in 2012.

Jeremy’s passion for creativity was evident early on, often choosing a sketchbook over schoolwork. His love for art led him to graphic design in 2001, initially as a band manager and promoter, crafting posters for his artists and events.

Entirely self-taught through tutorials, he built up his portfolio by freelancing for print shops and local agencies. He later bolstered his skills with diplomas from Lethbridge College and Reeves College. By 2012, he combined his passion for professional design and helping businesses succeed and launched Hybrid.

Committed to elevating brands with transformative design and strategic innovation, the company has grown into a national award-winning creative agency that has helped transform hundreds of brands worldwide. Learn how we can put our diverse expertise to work for your business.

Join the Movement

Partner with us in our global quest to elevate 100,000 brands to unparalleled growth! Our passionate team of creatives and strategic innovators is eager to unleash your business's potential, carve your industry niche and fuel your market dominance on our road to 100k.
Join Hybrid's 100k Journey

Innovate and Dominate:

We’re dedicated to continuous innovation, keeping pace with trends, and creative exploration to deliver fresh and exciting ideas.

Fun and Fearless:

We thrive on rebellious and unconventional thinking, with a positive mind and an unshakable sense of humour.

No-BS Approach:

We prioritize open, honest communication and authenticity, dismissing distractions that don’t align with the objectives.

Collaborate and Educate:

We believe in partnership and education, fostering consistent collaboration and shared growth with our team and clients.

Relentless Individuality:

We embrace diversity and individuality as catalysts for innovation and creativity, contributing to everyones unique strengths.

Passion and Creativity:

We nurture our passion for creativity and exploration, continuously pushing boundaries into the unknown and striving for growth.

At Hybrid Creative, we blend rebellious creativity with relentless strategic insight to create unique and authentic brand experiences.

We’re on a global mission to elevate 100,000 brands to unparalleled growth. We’re dedicated to empowering businesses, from eager startups to established brands, by offering targeted solutions that resonate, engage, and drive business growth. We aim to be the platinum standard in professional design, strategic storytelling and creative digital solutions. We are recognized for our straightforward, authentic, no-BS approach, unwavering integrity, and ability to consistently propel brands to their highest potential.

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& Strategize

Our journey begins by identifying your main challenges. Through a detailed discussion, we evaluate your vision and get a clear understanding of your goals.

02 02

& Develop

Using the information gathered, we begin the planning phase, combining creative and strategic thinking to create a blueprint that addresses our desired goals.

03 03

& Launch

We turn our preparation into action, delivering tangible brand assets, websites, design elements, or marketing campaigns to enhance your visibility and impact.

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& Maintain

After we launch, we then actively monitor, maintain and make necessary adjustments. Our ongoing tracking and support ensures longevity and continued success.

Client Experiences

Proud Achievements

Hybrid Creative Lethbridge Web Design Branding Marketing Agency Community Votes YQL

Community Votes

2020 – Present
Platinum in Web Design, Graphic Design and Marketing 

Hybrid Creative Lethbridge Web Design Branding Marketing Agency Award Hermes Creative Awards

Hermes Awards

2019, 2020 & 2023
3 x Platinum + 2 x Gold Award Winners in Logo Design

Hybrid Creative Lethbridge Web Design Branding Marketing Agency Award Downtown Lethbridge

Downtown Lethbridge

2019 & 2020
People’s Choice Trophy Winner + Unsung Hero Nominee 

Hybrid Creative Lethbridge Web Design Branding Marketing Agency Award 3 Best Rated

Three Best Rated

2017 – Present
Top-Rated in Web Design and Best in Business in Lethbridge 

Creatively-Powered and Strategy-Driven – Let’s ignite your brand’s potential together!

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